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Dance drama of long march theme experiences the life 80 hind actor foretaste boi

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A few days ago, large dancing drama in verse " the Gong Yun horizon " in act Red Army soldier " 80 " hind actors began the life of last rounds of long march before the show experienced on June 30. Be born in material abundant time, never a few main actors that hunger crosses abdomen to experience long march medium " hungry " , thoroughlied cook chatelaine of a skin technically still with the stockpot, his cent ate. "We want what to kind of life is lived after all when experiencing Red Army long march very much really. " one of main actors Zhu Jie is static say.

In the experience of long march life that organizes in this troupe, actors went to ask for distance from the one end length that changes the Jinggang Mountains rather again, visit soldier of old Red Army man on the way, the revolution of visiting each district is vestigial with historical museum. According to saying, the journey of zip is very difficult this year, a lot of actress are crying to walk along complete Cheng. Main part is acted in pantomime " autumn " Wu Xiaona because shoe is improper, grind on the foot had a lot of bubble, but she still follows the team insists to finish the zip job that day, in rehearsal of fast after zip ends devoted performance. In these special " rehearse " later, " the Gong Yun horizon " the play staff showed breathtaking solidarity and creation enthusiasm, actors ask actively to work overtime rehearse, strive for the birthday tribute that is a party with the most excellent performance. (Zhao Weichen)

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