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Suspect cummer and former husband affection unfinished before hang oneself of le

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[dragon tiger net reports] recently, the Wu Chaoyang that lives in division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill feels cummer is very incorrect strong, not only borrow money to give former husband, the former husband that return a side does low protect... Wu Chaoyang is accurate very, from morning till night is before cummer talk the hind leg off a donkey. See cummer is more and more irritated he, wu Chaoyang was actually yesterday before cummer commit suicide, frighten so that cummer calls the police rapidly.

Much at 10 o'clock yesterday morning bell, wu Chaoyang comes to the front of the press that cummer square duckweed manages wells balanced, unship leather belt is bound go up in door head, cover the head go in, and curb neck. Fang Ping was psyched out by the one act before, signed up for rapidly alarm.

Subsequently, fang Ping cries to cut strap with scissors rapidly at the same time at the same time, but leather belt is too hard, cut ceaseless, soon leather belt jumps over Le Yue to tighten, fang Ping is anxious extremely. Be in at this moment, passerby discovers to the help comes after the circumstance, held Wu Chaoyang in the arms come down. "How you are opposite so I? " after be being saved to fall, wu Chaoyang paralysis sits on ground signing up for booth, cried.

Why should Wu Chaoyang choose commit suicide? The reporter is informed from inside Wu Chaoyang mouth, 5 years ago, fang Ping because the husband is off the rails divorced, daughter of more than 10 years old puts in her 's charge. Later, she knew the Wu Chaoyang of age similar, two people were immersed in love river very quickly. A year ago, wu Chaoyang gave tens of thousands of money to open a newspaper to well balanced to cummer.

But amative time is long, wu Chaoyang feels cummer is not right even more.

A day, wu Chaoyang goes looking for Fang Ping, knock, those who open the door is Fang Ping's former husband unexpectedly. Fang Ping's former husband lets him politely enter room, "Sit, sit. " this lets Wu Chaoyang feel very uncomfortable, talk in whispers in the heart: "How does he follow host same. "How does he follow host same..

That day, fang Ping is not in the home, two people put up a word to come, in prattle, wu Chaoyang is informed surprisingly, fang Ping still lends former husband 100 yuan of money and 50 yuan telephone bill recently card full a cost. Additionally Fang Ping still helped former husband do low protect.

After the event, wu Chaoyang is interrogatory Fang Ping, square duckweed explanation says, former husband did not work, ability of it doesn't matter, oneself see those who help him he can have sympathy for talented persons, the money that he lends before also had been returned.

"Since you divorced, should make a thorough break. Why to have implication even? " furious to extremely the act that Wu Chaoyang cannot understand Fang Ping.

Experienced this thing, wu Chaoyang begins to suspect Fang Ping is to still resemble to his feeling so deep before. "I am so good to her, almost all give her, how is she returned so right me? " Wu Chaoyang wants sadder more, yesterday, he is flat commit suicide with leather belt before cummer.
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