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Leather belt literature " disappeared

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Since 2005, xiang Nalin discovers a few soldiers old on oneself armed belt write an essay, some is being written " everything is all possible " , some is being written " be a soldier regret two years, undeserved arms regrets all one's life " , still have sundry sign.

These " leather belt literature " , although content is active up, but disobey regulations however, see a soldier each is very happy with it, xiang Nalin decides " the curve is circuitous " : Taking everybody to give the maxim that is written on leather belt " move " . The encourage annals maxim that he comes to a few years collect and academic to innovating opinion undertake arranging, make pen copybook send a class the comrade-in-arms in, can practice calligraphy already, conduce to everybody raising academic accomplishment again. Not only such, he returned an organization to hold water " theory study salon " , the gnomic and epigrammatic, academic viewpoint that everybody collects weekly appraise through comparison, through be being drawn lessons from each other, mutual communication, share fruit, guide everybody to be recorded at any time, at any time estreat.

"Leather belt literature " lost the market gradually, comrade-in-armses also gradually nurturance the habit that carries small notebook.

Later, xiang Nalin's practice got the support in the group, mix Xiang Nalin in the group comrade-in-armses the maxim of estreat is epigrammatic with study experience compiled and print " basic level officers and soldiers learns Xi Jinyan 400 " , issue whole group study of officers and soldiers.

such, "Leather belt literature " disappeared. ★

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