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Japanese energy industry rolls out bearing of macrobian life idler

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Japanese essence is versed in development went bearing of macrobian life idler. The sealing ring that this company prevents water and eyewinker to enter through development, be able to bear or endure burn add the lubricant with strong performance, and the maintenance with little noise implement, make gave life the idler bearing with the little noise when long, low temperature.

Because the car uses environmental diversification, annulus the component all round the belt can be sometimes below the stern requirement that exceeds a tentative plan the job, for example the engine of 0 the travel on road of water adj/LIT wide and desert, 40 ℃ that start. Accordingly, the fill that is necessary to prevent the eyewinker such as water and sand is entered, the leak of lubricant and sclerosis, lubricant base oil evaporates the happening that waits for a phenomenon. Reduce the demand of engine noise to suit, the microtherm liquidity that still must increase lubricant, and the ability to ball supply lubricant.

This company was developed above all prevent an eyewinker to enter the sealing ring with lubricant leak " DG Seal " . In the experiment of this company, the leakage rate lubricant mixed DG Seal to be controlled respectively into water quantity before 1/4 and 1/10 are the following.

The lubricant of new development " HT1 Grease " it is difficult to was used evaporate base oily, the thickener that amid added control hardness to change and rise be able to bear or endure burn the additive that adds a gender, burn added function to rise before 2 times above. In addition, the maintenance of new development implement " T1XL " lubricant stockpile part was designed on cylinder, through improving the lubricant in short supply of easy generation when microtherm, reduced noise.

This company will face leather belt annulus and engine to assist equipment utility to develop the market of new product, predict to 2008 sale will reach 2 billion yen.

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