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High-grade leather belt " long spot "

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Businessman: Quality is no problem, maintaining is crucial

Dispatch of new wall bulletin (Zhong Shiyin of reporter Sun Lifang's trainee) citizen bell gentleman complains to our newspaper: Oneself purchased a nearly 300 yuan high-grade leather belt in some bazaar, use only a many month, the metallic part of leather belt head was oxidized, originally shining leather belt head presents an a lot of fine speckle. The businessman expresses, leather belt quality is no problem, occurrence stain is consumer uses what should not cause.

Bell gentleman tells a reporter, he is taking leather belt to find the salesperson of shop, the other side says, the circumstance that commodity appears to be oxidized, it is consumer is used undeserved cause. "The sweat when be being used probably is touched was in the metallic part of leather belt head, cause its oxidation to become angry. "

"Summer fastens leather belt, touching a bit sweat is inevitable. " bell gentleman is accepted hard to the businessman's explanation.

The reporter contacts the young lady of dragon of after service personnel of this brand leather belt, she expresses: The company had had quality inspection to the leather belt of bell gentleman, the result proves quality does not have a problem completely. Dragon young lady says, the summer fastens leather belt to touch sweat easily, the person that the proposal is used should nurse accessarily by commodity specification, clear with soft cloth in the evening everyday leather belt, maintain its are clean and clean.

The reporter understands in consumer society, of short duration of leather belting decorations is absent " 3 packets " limits, the relevant item after its make work, the businessman that wants a basis to differ or manufacturer place serve affirmatorily and decide.

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