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Recently, our newspaper receives east wind mark to send 307 cars advocate Miss Chen incoming telegram, reflective 4S inn changes problem of fittings cost price difference.

It is reported, the east wind of Miss Chen is beautiful 307 travel course of development had exceeded 60 thousand kilometer, bright in Shanghai Pudong when her when inn of in relief 4S of dragon of course of study undertakes maintaining normally for car, inn-keeper asks its change one when quote is 4500 yuan when leather belt, this price lets Miss Chen cannot be accepted.

Later, miss Chen entrusted a friend to enquire Guangzhou area east wind is the same as paragraph model in beautiful inn change when the 4S inn quote of leather belt, although contain artificial cost,the accused knows, also need 1300 yuan only in all can. Vast price difference lets Miss Chen produce bewilderment, call our newspaper then, the hope can get solution.

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To this, the reporter investigated mark of east wind of area of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou to send the fittings price of 4S inn. Be Shanghai fittings price particularly expensive? Be Guangzhou respect quote makes mistake? Other what reason to still have?

Investigate 1 Shanghai, another name for Guangdong Province is price of two ground fittings 3 times poorer?

Be aimed at the condition that Miss Chen reflects, the reporter examined the model that manufacturer provides to use manual, above although did not change when the relevant provision of leather belt, but the reporter understands from each 4S inn, when this model needs to exceed 60 thousand kilometer in travel really, change when leather belt.

The reporter sends 307 2.0L model to be with mark of old money east wind exemple, interviewed inn of 3 4S of Guangzhou randomly, gotten quoted price is roughly same, change draw together of one collar for a horse when 800-850 is after the fittings price rebate of leather belt, Zhang Jin annulus and idler yuan (cost price is controlled 1300 yuan) , artificial cost is in 300-450 or so yuan.

In the meantime, the quote of inn of in relief 4S of dragon of Shanghai brighting course of study is 4500 yuan. Be opposite when the reporter when quote demur, the other side expresses, eliminate changes when leather belt, still need to change at the same time leather belt of a dynamo and two wheel. Accordingly, smooth cost of raw materials needs 3600 yuan.

So far, we can discover clearly, shanghai east the fittings quote of mark 4S inn can compare Guangzhou area 3 times more expensive, because Shanghai 4S inn is changing,basically be when when leather belt, the demand replaces at the same time other fittings be caused by.

Investigate 2 fittings to change also but " argy-bargy " ?

With respect to Shanghai brighting course of study inn of Long Yang 4S changes when leather belt 4500 yuan quote, the reporter enquired a few Shanghai is other east the price that mark 4S inn changes with paragraph fittings, the result is surprising however: Shanghai east inn of tender land lion is changing below the circumstance of same fittings, quote 3750 yuan; Shanghai east gallop in mark inn does not ask to change additionally dynamo leather belt and two wheel, quote 2200 yuan. Additional, reporter discovery, changing when need to change after all when leather belt what project, it is OK " argy-bargy " .
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