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Highway of very magical Shanghai leather belt

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Author: Shanghai black presses down grade elementary school 51 Ban Yangjia beautiful

In May 2010, shanghai. The rich of 1 billion worlds that comes from a whole world meets a member, amazed ground discovers, this giant and the international that develop is metropolitan, exceptionally quiet with orderly, what say like some people far from is blatant and mixed and disorderly. Sleek travel is in tens of thousands of thousands of car on the driveway, discharge thickly, do not have overtake however, without jump the queue, press a horn without car chaos, otherer person is strange is, there is a police unexpectedly on the driveway, without traffic light!

A flock of England guests that just came out from rainbow bridge airport set upright an ear amazedly in the car: "Without sound, do not have sound namely! Do not have sound namely!!

" does our ear have a problem? Why to listen to bang to the car song? Why don't have Klaxon sound? " a beautiful fair lady says questioningly.

An old gentleman that wears an eye cried suddenly: "Day, all cars do not have actuate, look quickly, the wheel that does not have a car is rotational! The wheel that does not have a car is rotational!!

"Incorrect, all cars are in fast travel, how be to return a responsibility? How be to return a responsibility??

"Ah, saw, it is him driveway is being moved, be like the long leather belt of a twirl! Be like the long leather belt of a twirl!!

"I also saw, not be leather belt, it is parallel elevator! It is parallel elevator!!

Ha, what they do not know is, shanghai is early by 2008 be opposite inside whole town limits all mainstay line undertook " reform " . Build removed 100 several " highway of leather belt type " , and the person that the science that takes the lead in putting forward highway of belt of this seed coat lets his thought flow freely, be trifling young woman is also.

Original, in the elementary school on me when go to the school attending class everyday, I and other classmate should pass through a few busy big streets. Everyday the car that I can see a growing Long Shi, one receives, either the action is slow, block up on the road namely, pass through even the pedestrian very hard occasionally, constabulary uncles so busy that cannot leave hand in. In the meantime, the tail gas of car dash forward dash forward dash forward the ground outside gush, we can't help face of ground cover nose block. And the noise that car gives out lets our not tire of early also its are irritated...

Hey! If have what idea, can solve these traffic problems completely at a draught this are much better ah!

Go on the driveway everyday, I begin to imagine this problem, later, I feel my idea already very rich, very scientific, and return some innovation!

My tentative idea is: If we change a kind to give a method: The car stops on the driveway, gangway will replace a car to go. The parallel elevator below store of new like Nanjing road world is same, change whole driveway into a train in excess specified length " leather belt " , pull by the reel machine at leather belt move leather belt to walk, and be installed in southeast northwest of the city go up such leather belt driveway and reel machine, replace driveway and trestle, can you solve traffic big problem at a draught?
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