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Border of waist of delicate leather belt restoring ancient ways spreads costar c

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Delicate and elegant, bring the style of bit of amorous feelings restoring ancient ways again, it is the top class mainstream of scene of 08 border of Chun Xia waist, the chatelaine of temperament of such as Bottega Veneta restoring ancient ways, with braiding the administrative levels move that takes a waist band classically, the noble that adds leather belt successfully again feels character! No matter be copy old leather, braid or be ancient copper ouch, all can develop taste of man of the sex appeal between mature and plain and decorous, sedate waist, the line of sight that makes a woman cannot help be down shift.

Open man chest, bag of the cravat that counts you, bag, shoe, what the amount brings than the waist absolutely is much, add the different collocation of a variety of trousers, because this investment is on leather belt also can yet be regarded as a clever way. To Oriental, 旣 is narrow and flat coxal line, the trousers that needs a formfitting prune most normally and leather belt foil a beautiful buttock, collocation joins the waist band of appropriate, besides hitch pants head, this year Chun Xia, can fasten it in thin dust coat and suit jacket more more handsome instead conspicuous, at this moment minor minor role immediately promote changes leading role!

Jil Sander sky-blue leather belt


Consistent extremely brief design, without any Logo or conspicuous mark, jil Sander uses Chun Xia's saturated color, show a superexcellent simple sense.

Leather belt of Louis Vuitton cream-colored

Light simple blouse expects plus hemp pants money, assist with distinctive formative chatelaine, it is the necessary goods with enchanted slam-bang making a person!

Leather belt of Maelboro Classics site

Brown leather belt, it is the basiccest design, not coxcombical design, suit the pants money with general and formal collocation very much, do not break wind model.

Scalp of Diesel metal waist is taken

The waist that thick Kuang Hao strides is the first, send out ablaze style, suit to appear to the circumstance in the clique most.

Paul Smith leather belt

Redundant compose acts the role of a design, what chatelaine of whole muntjac leathern fastens with warm color completely is orange, take extremely brief however elegant advanced simple sense; Argent grind bright metallic ouch to be accorded with likewise extremely the top class aesthetic feeling of brief fashion.
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