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Highest grade of set limit to: S.T. Dupont diamond leather belt

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Of edition of set limit to costly, it is a kind of lifestyle that cannot duplicate, it is to know enjoyment gentleman truly people a kind when what go after those who molopolize is exclusive fun, it is " only I enjoys " alone exalted with grade, the life of edition of set limit to makes every raise one's hand casts sufficient instant to appear cover is sufficient precious.

   S.T. Leather belt of edition of Dupont diamond set limit to

Set limit to of leather belt of series of edition of S.T.Dupont diamond set limit to 150, price RMB 26600 yuan. Every diamond is craftsman of lapidary master degree 1000 sieves 100 choose valuable article, cut craft is impeccable. Every working procedure also is mixed by technical level the renown artisan with the richest experience is responsible, all show vulture to build, burnish the marrow of craft.

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