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One " crocodilian " does leather belt make work only 50 yuan?

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On June 30, fat east industrial and commercial director faces the county the river is industrial and commercial be executed the law personnel discovers in market go on a tour of inspection, some dress runs area under administration inn place makes work " playboy " , " crocodilian " , " Jin Lilai " etc famous brand is men's chatelaine every only 50 yuan. Execute the law personnel asks for proof of replenish onr's stock to inn boss then, inn boss cannot be offerred however. Classics inquiry, the famous brand chatelaine of distribute of this inn place is from come to promote a person to be in with every 20 yuan of prices enter, next with every 50 yuan of prices that differ give sale, seek profit from which. Because be suspected of selling fake product, execute the law the pinchbeck chatelaine that personnel detained this inn lawfully more than 100. Current, this case is in further processing.

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