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The folk-custom detail of diversification of BCBG 05 Chun Xia

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"I'm Undercover " this song, exhibit in BCBG show go up to be being broadcasted by aloud! Without thinking ground, weary the lazy, elegant, folk-custom detail that taking diversification is designed, it is the integral form that dress of Max Azria2005 Chun Xia extends. Advanced half of a game or contest, be full of the beautiful skirt that is embroidery, front is the foreign costume that sews embroider by hand completely, and Gu Xila type grows the coat of short embroider stays that reachs knee, and the folk-custom style coat of lots and lots of traditional pattern, it is important to deserve to act the role of a respect to also comparative to Max Azria in this season; Ranginging from... to... is Oversize the bag bag of too large size, use embroidery and the wide leather belt that tick off a needle to braid, and various sex appeal attractive neck refine, all the glamour amorous feelings that belongs to BCBG only complete appear.

But in evening dress series, max Azria returns the form of costly former days sex appeal, replace, it is to apply the snow that compose of Lai mattress stone acts the role of to spin foreign outfit in great quantities, apply pink department and feather ably to come ornament and design, eye making a person shines for it! For whole, BCBG style still continues before elegant the metropolis figure of feminine flavour, different is, add a lot of simple easy collocation, recreational sheet that has athletic feeling to taste, let the dress and dress between mix take an option more appearance, more fashionable!

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